Terminology management


Is your organisation familiar with certain terminology or specific jargon?
PlusQuam helps you determine, describe and translate your specific terminology and makes sure that the approved terminology is applied in all the translation jobs.

Terminology management is essential for translations where client-approved terminology has to be used for important terms. We create a terminology database specially for you on the basis of your own approved terms and specific preferences. Any extra information, such as rules for translating product names, company slogans, and UI, can also be incorporated in this database. Of course you can also send us a ready-to-use terminology list, on the basis of which we can create a database for you and our translators. They can then directly use it in their translations for you.

Thanks to our terminology software the correct term is offered to the translator at the right time. This ensures for optimal consistency. It is especially effective in case of a tight deadline, when multiple translators are required to work together simultaneously on the same project. The termbase allows us to guarantee the consistency of your preferred terms within the translations.

Would you like to experience the advantages of working with a terminology database?
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