Translation is the conversion of information into other languages. At PlusQuam we take localization a step further: the final product is completely fitted to the market it’s intended for. Adapting currencies, market-specific graphics and the set-up of addresses and phone numbers.

PlusQuam uses the most up-to-date translation techniques. With your translated content we build a client-specific translation memory, allowing for a more efficient and quicker handling of future projects. Quality and efficiency are our middle names!

Selecting PlusQuam as your language service provider, means opting for:

  • a large network of native speakers, experts in your product domain;
  • translation database management (the database remains your property);
  • high-quality translations;
  • support of many file types, such as Microsoft Office-files, InDesign, FrameMaker, XML and HTML;
  • short turnaround times and an excellent service.

Website localization
The internet allows you to offer your products and services to the entire world. This is why it is essential to address your clients in their own language by localizing your web site. The impact of your message can only benefit from it. It enlarges the chance of your products and services being selected instead of those of the competition.

PlusQuam translates web sites from various file types, such as XML and HTML. Your source files contain codes to allow your site to work properly. These codes are carefully protected during translation. The translated version will therefore work perfectly – just like your original site! Our translators make sure that any given length restrictions are kept, so your web site will look perfect in every language.

Localisation of marketing material
PlusQuam can take care of all your marcomm translations: brochures, posters, packaging material and press releases. To that extent we select translators specially trained for translating your texts and we make sure they know your products as well as you know them yourself.

These specialists create a perfectly translated target text. When it comes to marcomm translations, staying too close to the source material is the most common pitfall. The translator should be able to translate freely in order to make sure that the translation has the same impact as the source text. Rest assured that the original style and a language correctly fitted to the target audience are kept intact.

Translation of documentation
PlusQuam translates various technical texts, such as user manuals, instruction leaflets and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

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