• Localization

    Translation is the conversion of information into other languages. At PlusQuam we take localization a step further: the final product is completely fitted to the market it’s intended for.

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  • Desktop Publishing

    Publishing your translated brochures or technical documentation (single or multi-language) is the last step in the process. This important step requires specialist knowledge in the field of for instance typesetting, fonts and creating print-ready files.

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  • Consultancy

    There are so many choices to make when setting up your multilingual documentation that it is essential to make the right one. At PlusQuam we understand that there is an overkill of information.

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  • Terminology management

    Is your organisation familiar with certain terminology or specific jargon? PlusQuam helps you determine, describe and translate your specific terminology and makes sure that the approved terminology is applied in all the translation jobs.

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  • Text editing

    Your source text is ready, but not yet fit for publication? Besides translations we also offer text editing. Quotations, annual reports, source texts for a web site, learning material (readers)… We can do the editing for you.

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